How To Reinstall Audio Driver In Windows 10

It has been going on for about on hour or so. When I restarted my computer, I found out the sound is back to my laptop and Realtek HD Audio is updated. No matter where you get your drivers, you’ll end up either with a setup program, which installs drivers automatically, or with an archive file.

Yes, Realtek High Definition Audio can be reinstalled. This can be done by uninstalling the current Realtek drivers and then visiting the Realtek website to download and install the latest drivers. In case the downloaded file is executable, double click on .exe file and follow the on-screen instructions to install audio driver on Windows 11.

Update Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Manually

You can enter this folder, to find another set of folders – Audio\HDA folder. Techlogitic started as a blog where we could write about our experience of using various products and share our views. With the constant support of our readers, we have expanded the horizon and included topics much wider than technology. Our core value remains the same though, share the right information no matter what the brand is. Restart the computer and try installing the update to make sure the problem is fixed. It will scan for all the outdated or corrupted drivers and present a list of all.

Try all the different methods we have mentioned and tell us which one worked for you. If you have some other fix or solution for Realtek HD Audio Manager not opening issue, please make sure to mention it in the comments section. A new window will pop up with the information about the Audio Manager version that you are using. You can see the Audio Driver Version, DirectX version, audio controller, audio codec and language. Find Realtek Audio Manager and check its Status. If it’s Disabled then right-click on it and select Enable.

  • But before you dive into this Realtek driver error, you need to make sure the sound card on your PC is in good shape.
  • Then, scan the computer to find the erroneous drivers.
  • However, there are some difficulties that might cause Windows 11’s Realtek audio driver to stop functioning properly.
  • It adds improvements to Windows search results and performance.

So how do you find Realtek HD Audio Manager, and how do you update and reinstall the Realtek drivers? I upgraded to build yesterday and the problem is still there. If it wasn’t for the HD audio driver I wouldn’t be able to use my speakers. If user is experiencing any issues after installing cumulative update KB , it is recommended to report them in the Feedback Hub on Windows 10. Diver Boosterand it will automatically check driver status and find out whether the driver is missing, outdated or faulty.

Method 5: Reinstall Realtek High Definition Audio Driver to uninstall.

Option you need to click onto the free dots next to real tech high definition audio driver and you then need select install. If you still can’t find Realtek realtek Driver Updater audio manager, you may need to reinstall Realtek audio manager by updating your Realtek HD audio driver. After the download process completes, you can double-click the setup file and follow the instructions to install it. The Realtek HD Audio Manager software will be installed along. Click Delete the driver software for this device option and click Uninstall button.

In researching another problem, I discovered that on one computer (haven’t checked others) we have several apps installed. Farmville 2 Candy Crush Soda Asphalt 8 Netflix Pandora etc All were installed on Aug 13. I’m writing here to ask for some advice on how i can make Windows 10 to stop installing drivers when i do not want them. I currently have a gaming laptop that has tons of different drivers Click Here and utilities that are made specifically for this… Right-click on the audio device, select the Disable device option, and select the Enable device option after that.


Having said that, here are some general tips which may help you bring out the best sound. So now that we have learned how to enable Realtek HD Audio Manager and resolve some related issues, let us find out the best settings for Realtek HD Audio Manager. In this section, we will learn about the various sound configurations which you can apply in Realtek HD Audio Manager. Once you have downloaded the dedicated driver, go to step 3 again and then click on “Have Disk”. Nevertheless, if you want to access Realtek HD Audio Manager on Windows 10, you don’t have to download anything. It’s because the application is already installed, but hidden from users’ direct access.

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