Gable Construction offers traditional General Contracting services if you need someone to plan, coordinate, budget, and supervise your project from start to finish. For those clients who prefer the traditional design-bid-build approach, Gable Construction offers General Contracting services.

Clients can expect us to assemble a team of qualified subcontractors (non-union and/or union) plus handle material procurement in order to keep costs down. Our extensive experience makes us an ideal Contractor for small to medium size projects; especially projects such a high-volume apartment unit renovations that are particle intensive with tight deadlines.

Pre-Qualification Process

Gable Construction may require that General Contractors be prequalified to bid on its construction contracts. Interested contractors are invited to submit Statements of Qualifications (and Financial Conditions) (SOQ) for those bid opportunities. Firms that wish to be considered for prequalification must submit the required forms and documents by the date indicated in the SOQ.

Eligibility for General Contractor prequalification is determined based on an evaluation of the SOQ information and documentation submitted by the applicant. Criteria will include the project-specific financial and bonding capacity, experience on similar construction projects, resumes of key staff and references. Once prequalified, the contractor will be placed on a notification list to receive Invitations for Bid on applicable projects.

Our work includes self-performance in the following areas:

  • Project management
    • Adherence to plans/specifications    
    • Document control
  • Asphalt/Concrete paving
  • Established relationships with qualified subcontractors
  • Value engineering

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